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17April 2021

Good Afternoon. Thank you for joining us today. If I could go back in time and offer my 16-year-old self, who lived in Puerto Rico, recommend about the future, I would say:

Protect what is most important

Construct a strong network of people

Assistance your fellow neighbors

Increase equality and equity in all types

Develop opportunities on your own and others

Plan to make a favorable impact on the world around you.

And, constantly try to do the ideal thing.

Not simply when its easy or when it might benefit you, but even in the face of adversity when nobody is
viewing, when there is no excitement, and when there is no benefit. Since life is unpredictable. Life is ever changing. And when Life ends up being frightening, remember the words Mr. Fred Roger's Mother stated to him as a young boy, “Look for the assistants. You will always find individuals who are helping.”

From an extremely young age I understood in my heart that it was my fate to be one of those helpers. At 16 years old I helped my peers obtain summer season work, I assisted typhoon ravaged households keep their self-respect even though their structure had washed away, and I helped people in my community gain access to services and homeownership opportunities who would have otherwise never benefited.

Next, I would inform my young self to focus and persevere. Because at 21 you will become the youngest
assemblyman in the history of your home town to be elected by the constituents to function as their voice and execute their choice for a better future. You will dedicate your service to budget friendly healthcare systems and new housing opportunities for low-income families.

And After you serve your term and graduate with a bachelor's degree in childhood education, you will relocate to New York City and teach in a Traditional Public School System. Over the next 4 years you will end up being the proud daddy of 2 sons, Kelvin and Kenneth. And after that, 10 years later on you will put down roots as a novice homeowner in a place called Camden City, New Jersey where you will advance as a Traditional Public School Spanish Teacher for the next 22 years.

Finally, I would inform my teenaged self, to be brave and follow your destiny due to the fact that, as a teacher you will
be blessed to be in a position to have a favorable effect on young minds on the precipice of their own futures. As a homeowner and tax payer, you will be fortunate to be able to work where you live, and throughout your journey You will develop that strong network of friends and family. You will flourish in an encouraging neighborhood of next-door neighbors. You will empower vulnerable and oppressed populations in your City. And in the face of inequality, you WILL NOT Remain silent. You will not resign yourself to the status quo. Oh No! You, in the year 2021 will develop a grassroots movement that will stimulate the citizens of your city to unite around typical concerns that will restore democracy and the stability of a democratic system where all the faces Camden City, NJ will have their voices and choices heard and respected on the policies that safeguard and sustain their way of life, liberty and their pursuit of monetary security.

Humbled by the love of my mother Rosa Quiñones Quiñones,

Guided by the spirit of my late daddy Ramiro Quiñones Crespo,

Grateful for the knowledge and guidance of my coach, Dr. Aida Rosa, and

Inspired by all of my household, buddies, trainees, neighbors, and the neighborhood's assistance,

I stand prior to you today, as an instructor, a house owner, a supporter, a tax payer, a professional, and a neighborhood organizer, to say that it is TIME for the Helpers to advance.

We the People of the City of Camden are Suffering and Traumatized. For far too long we have been pestered by lack of chances

– To Choose a Traditional Public School Education for our kids
– To Access an abundance of Brand New budget-friendly Homes
A Majority of already establish small companies in Camden are currently owned by minorities,
yet there is a
– Lack of Opportunities: For Small Business to gain from their own investment in the City of Camden.We the people of the City of Camden
– Lack the frustrating abundance of Opportunity: To find employment in the very same place we have
chosen to live
– We even do not have the right to safety in our own neighborhoods.And finally, We individuals of the City of Camden
– Lack the Opportunity: To be Represented in Government however yet we are still unfairly taxed anyway.There should be”No Taxation Without Representation!”With the voices of the neighborhood

, I will put the faces of Camden above politics. I will concentrate on repairing the City's damaged economic systems and cause meaningful modifications to our lives. I will lead an open and transparent federal government that will ensure that you
will have somebody sitting at the table who will represent Your issues. I Will Work For You! I will: – Protect Traditional Public

Schools Due to the fact that I think in

Strengthening the Traditional Public School System. I will: – Build Affordable Homeownership Since I think in New Home Construction. I will: – Support Small Business Because I believe in Free Enterprise & I Respect the unique threats & rewards of owning a small business. I will: – Boost A & Fair & Equitable Tax Base Due to the fact that I think in a Balanced Tax System among all taxpayers. I will: – Create & Sustainable Jobs Since I believe in Working Where You Live & The Pursuit of Financial Security. And Finally, I will: – Plan Safe Walkable Communities Because I think all citizens have a Right to Life, Liberty & Safe communities

. I am running for the Highest Political Office in this City out of my love for my students, my neighbors, my family, my good friends, my community, and my the majority of

all, my love for ALL the Faces of Camden City. If you share my vision for the future of Camden,
VOTE for me in the upcoming main election on June 8th. The bell has rung and now it is time to get down to work. My
name is Mr. Luis A Quiñones and I am delighted to announce that I am formally running for the position of Mayor of

Camden City, New Jersey. Thank You. 03 Autobiography Luis A Quinones_Media (Visited 8,292 times, 1 sees today)

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