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24February 2021

NEWPORT — Sometimes people might be looking for treatment options other than surgery or a new prescription. In such cases, Healing Hearts in Newport can help patients find a “natural” option for everything from joint pain to alleviating cancer treatment side effects. 

Healing Hearts, a holistic medicine collective in Newport, serves as a one-stop shop for a wide range of natural health care for just about any ailment — natural defined as any treatment options other than surgery or prescription medication. 

“Healing Hearts is a group of like-minded natural health care providers working together to make sure everyone who comes in gets the best care they can get anywhere,” said Dr. Ivan “Doc” Kelley, Healing Heart’s resident chiropractor and central figure.

Kelley added that he isn’t shy about recommending patients to seek out surgery and medication when they need it, but he and his staff noted they always try to determine the root of the problem first so as not to risk a treatment masking it instead of fixing it.

Including Kelley, the collective currently has six members working as independent contractors, each of which brings something special in terms of health care, wellness and alternative treatment options.

“Somebody can come here with any problem,” Kelley said. “Chiropractors are trained as general practitioner medical doctors, and we’re trained to make a decision that if we can help, we will. But if not we’ll get them to where they can get the help they need.”

Kelley has served as a chiropractor in Newport for since 1984 and Healing Hearts was started in 2012 to bring other local natural treatment options under one roof. Kelley joined in 2019. As a chiropractor, Kelley is proficient in adjusting any joint in the body and serves all age groups. His practice also does work with enzyme therapy, electrical therapy and physical therapy.

The rest of the Healing Hearts team vary in how long they’ve been with the group, but each is a veteran in their own right.

Dana Golden is a massage therapist with 20 years of experience spanning modalities including Thai Massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, injury recovery, Swedish, and AromaTouch Technique. She treats clients for motor vehicle accidents and is a certified wellness advocate and health coach.

George Marrazzo has been a massage therapist since 1997 and specializes in Shiatzu, Swedish, reflexology, sports massage, pre-natal and structural integration. He also does lymphatic drainage and injury recovery.

Diane Simik is a massage therapist who specializes in Swedish massage tailored to the needs of her clients. That includes deep tissue, trigger point therapy, hot stones and aromatherapy techniques.

Tiffany Thompson is an esthetician and nail technician offering nail, facial and waxing treatments. She is also certified for manual lymphatic drainage and oncology esthetics, working with cancer patients.

Rebecca Liane is an acupuncturist with a focus in traditional Chinese medicine. She has advanced training in Master Tung’s treatment methods and Dr. Tan’s balance method. She also has certification in both Mei Zen and Dr. Wu’s facial rejuvenation, is a certified cupping therapist and is certified in level one and two Reiki. Liane is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine and believes health is more than just the absence of disease, taking mental and spiritual aspects into account.

Kelley says Healing Hearts has a thorough vetting process that starts with him, but requires unanimous approval by the current members before admitting someone new.

For example, Kelley is currently vetting a hypnotherapist. Unlike the movies, a hypnotherapist doesn’t use a pendulum to hypnotize someone, but instead focuses on identifying and correcting behavior that can help people live a healthier lifestyle. If Kelley approves, he will bring them in front of a panel of the rest of the Healing Hearts crew for review.

Like all other health care facilities, Healing Hearts is also taking the necessary precautions to keep patients and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 “The Chiropractic Board and OSHA sent us 35-pages showing what we’re required to do, and we follow that as closely as we can,” Kelley said. “When somebody comes in they get their temperatures taken and we have them wash their hands. We do everything to keep us and our patients healthy.”

While Healing Arts offers a wide range of services, many of its specialists have their own hours. Members can be contacted directly via phone or email to set up an appointment.

The Healing Hearts offices are located in the Douglas Professional building at 111 SE Douglas St, Newport.


Dana Golden: Phone: 1-541-951-6189; Email: [email protected]

Diane Simik: Phone: 541-270-1112; Email: [email protected]; Hours: Monday through Saturday 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

George Marrazzo: Phone: 1-541-731-4325; Email: [email protected] 

Ivan (Doc) Kelley: Phone: 541-265-5132; [email protected]; Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9 – Noon                                              

Rebecca Liane: Phone: 707-738-1915; Email: [email protected] 

Tiffany Thompson: C: 541-272-2445; Email: [email protected]; Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.


Dr. Ivan “Doc” Kelley stands next to one of his Zenith hi-low chiropractic tables. Rebecca Liane performs a simple acupuncture procedure on fellow Healing Hearts member Dana Golden. Rebecca Liane keeps a shelf of different plants used for a variety of treatments at the Healing Hearts offices in Newport. Rebecca Liane performs a simple acupuncture procedure on fellow Healing Hearts member Dana Golden. Tiffany Thompson’s facial care station at Healing Hearts in Newport. One of Tiffany Thompson’s pedicure stations at Healing Hearts office in Newport. (Photos by Mathew Brock)


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