Marine, Carlsbad Chiropractor Among Those in D.C. During Capitol Riot – NBC San Diego

12January 2021

Cordie Williams, a chiropractic specialist from Carlsbad, isn't shy about posting his views on social networks.

Understood online as the Megaphone Marine and the creator 1776 Forever Free, Williams has Instagram and Twitter accounts with thousands of fans. He motivated people to join him by going to Washinton, D.C., on Jan. 6– the day that pro-Trump rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol– and since then, his publicly posted videos prompt folks to go to weekly Constitution classes, go to protests, run for office and arm themselves.

“We're all about freedom for all,” Williams told NBC 7 in a sit-down interview Tuesday early morning. “You want to wear a mask? Great, simply do not tell me I need to. You want to vaccinate your kids? Great, just don't inform me I have to. You wish to get the COVID vaccine? Great, simply do not tell me I have to. And that's really what this company is about.”

Considering That May, Williams stated, he has taken a trip the state and the country speaking prior to crowds – including at a speaking occasion in D.C. on Jan. 6.

Video footage recorded throughout the U.S. Capitol Riot reveals a Capitol law enforcement officer backing away from a mob of rioters, leading them away from the Senate chamber.

“I'm simply going to interview this remarkable patriot,” Williams said in an Instagram video of himself speaking with a lady who says she saw the breach of the Capitol, though Williams said he was not amongst those who stormed the Capitol.

It appears that Williams went to Washington since of a number of the exact same conspiracy theories that drew others to D.C. recently. He informed NBC 7 that he wants to require another, independent, transparent audit of the election results.

“I went to D.C. due to the fact that I seem like there are some forces at play in this country right now that are, in my opinion, evil and demonic,” Williams informed NBC 7, “and they're taking flexibility away from some Americans and bringing up another group of Americans. So they're outcasting one party and elevating another party or another group, and it's all based on ideology.”

Nora Benavidez is the nationwide policy director for PEN America, a nonprofit that works to inform people on freedom of expression and disinformation.

Footage taken inside the U.S. Capitol shows the minutes leading up to the shooting of Ashli Babbitt as supporters of President Donald Trump rushed towards the Speaker's Lobby. The video was licensed from a self-described civil liberties activist.

“I believe it's exceptionally hazardous,” Benavidez said of the language in William's posts. “It's deceptive and damaging. I believe the issue is: What will this motivate people to do?”

Benavidez stated Williams' language is so unclear, it doesn't lead to imminent acts of lawlessness– however, she stated, that doesn't suggest it's not possibly dangerous. In reality, it's that uncertainty that Benavidez stated makes these messages so interesting a broad audience.

“It's really sexy to hear somebody stating, ‘I'm with you; we need to be together in this; we require to combat; we are the kid; we're sort of the David, we need to go up against the Goliath, sort of monolithic thing that is censoring us,'” Benavidez said. “That plays into all of the ways we feel like we can then challenge something larger, we can come out on top, we need to be heard.”

Williams turns down the idea that his words could incite criminal acts.

“I think in serene opposing,” Williams stated, describing what took place Jan. 6. “I believe they should have been on the front actions of the Capitol. The minute they breached, I do not concur with that. Don't concur with that. I never condone violence. Whoever did the violence must be arrested and prosecuted.”

That said, some of his recent posts have motivated individuals to equip themselves and get ready for a war of sorts.

“It likewise is essential that we find out how to use something that enters into your hand and gives a high-range thing called a bullet,” Williams stated in an Instagram video published 3 days after the insurrection at the country's Capitol. “And something that goes on your shoulder and dispenses a high range bullet.”

When inquired about that declaration Tuesday early morning, Williams stated he was merely expressing assistance for the Second Amendment.

“I believe every American must take tactical training and must find out how to look after themselves and guard their home,” Williams stated.

Because very same Instagram video, Williams goes on to say, “We are at war.”

When asked what he suggested by that declaration, Williams said he used the word “war” in a simply metaphorical sense.

“This is an ideological war,” Williams stated on Tuesday. “It's 100% an ideological war.”

Williams insists this is about making certain voices are heard– not about violence. For that reason, he stated he does not prepare to participate in anything in Sacramento at the state capital ahead of the inauguration.

Rather, Williams said, he remains in the procedure of forming a political action committee and prepares to speak at rallies numerous times a year across the U.S.Source:

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