I’m a Chiropractor, and These Are the 4 Things I Do Every Day for a Healthy Spine – Well+Good

27July 2020

When you would like to know how to exercise for a healthy heart, you ask a cardiologist. When you need to know how frequently to shower, you call the dermatologist. And when you want to know how to have a healthy spine, you contact the chiropractic specialist. In other words, go directly to the source, which is exactly what we did to discover the healthy spinal column workouts that everybody

should be doing on the reg .”A healthy spine improves core strength, which is not just needed for sporting activities, however for common, everyday motions and posture,”states Matt Cooper, DC, chiropractic physician and founder of USA Sports Therapy. If you've ever had neck and back pain, there's a high opportunity you've felt tightness in surrounding muscle groups, too. “People that have postural issues tend to have problems with their backs, in addition to shoulder, knee, and hip pathologies,” he states. That's why spine-strengthening workouts and stretches are essential to your general health and movement.

While Dr. Cooper keeps in mind that there's not a cookie-cutter remedy for a spine-strengthening routine, he does highlight several examples that can benefit everyone when done on the reg. Keep scrolling for his top-recommended back-boosting workouts, which he states ought to be done a minimum of 4 days a week for best results.

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