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31October 2020

Isheka N. Harrison
Written by Isheka N. Harrison

7 Things To Know About Wasim Muhammad, Community and Political Powerhouse Of Camden, New Jersey. Image: Facebook Neighborhood leader, activist and education advocate are simply a few of the words to describe Wasim Muhammad. Here are 7 things to understand about Wasim Muhammad, a neighborhood and political powerhouse of Camden, New

Jersey. 1. Minister in the Nation of Islam Wasim Muhammad, 52, is a full-time minister who leads the Nation of Islam Muhammad's Temple of Islam No. 20. On social media, he identifies himself as” The Local Representative of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad and The Nation of Islam.”He is understood for preaching from the Qu ‘ran and regularly sharing its teachings on social networks. He as soon as encouraged someone to”look for sanctuary in Allah because Allah is the very best knower, is the best teacher.”Listen to GHOGH with Jamarlin Martin|Episode 73: Jamarlin Martin Jamarlin makes the case for why this is a multi-factor disobedience vs. simply demonstrations about George Floyd. He goes over the Democratic Party's sneaky relationship with the authorities in cities and states under Dem control, and why

Joe Biden is a cop and the Steve Jobs of mass imprisonment. 2. President of the Camden City School Board After Camden City School District (CCSD) president Martha Wilson passed away in April, Muhammad was designated to replace her. He revealed his condolences over her death and said he would continue serving the

district's children and following Wilson's example. Topping his list of top priorities was helping students through the difficult times of the pandemic.”That's crucial today,”Muhammad told Tap Into Camden.” I plan to work carefully with Superintendent McCombs to make certain we get our children prepared for college, their profession, seeking

methods to help our community, and obviously make it through COVID-19.”3. Passionate Holistic Education

Advocate Muhammad thinks in holistic education that includes spiritual research study. He gave a passionate speech about the topic in 2018. “Education should not only simply begin with the reading, writing and arithmetic, education needs to start with God,”

Muhammad said. “When you understand who you are and our relationship with God that would motivate since in education you need information and motivation. ” Educating The Black Child!We will be publishing excerpts from speeches and providing commentary sharing what we have learned in practicum (proof)to support what we share.Please Listen and show family and friends. Thank you.Your Brother, Brother Minister Wasim Muhammad. pic.twitter.com/dUsSC6pHZP– Wasim Muhammad(@WasimMuhammad20)July 21, 2018 He uses his position to promote for the neighborhood's students and families

Gonzalez. Their platform is “Education For Everyone”5. Hosts a Namesake TELEVISION Show on

YouTube Minister Wasim Muhammad hosts a television show called “The Wasim Muhammad Show.”It airs on Camden City School District television (CCSD-TV)and episodes can likewise be discovered on You Tube. He calls himself” a servant leader”and stated the purpose of broadcasting the show is to”share information with the neighborhood.”On the program, Muhammad talks about issues that are very important to the local Camden neighborhood.

6. Long-lasting Camden Resident Born and raised in Camden, New Jersey, Muhammad lived throughout the street from Camden High School. His mom was from Glassboro and his father from Savannah, Georgia. He has fond memories of his youth house.

“It was the greatest thing worldwide to hear that every day, to be around a few of the terrific football teams this city has had,”

Muhammad told TAPinto Camden in an interview.”There's absolutely nothing like growing

up around that group of individuals

which energy.”7. Previous Basketball Player Born Donnie Walker, Muhammad played basketball at Camden High and was beginning guard for its undefeated 1986 team. He then went to the University of Mexico, where

he continued his basketball career. He eventually returned home and became a business owner and teacher who strove to enhance his community. He credits his moms and dads with instilling in him the worth of returning to his home town.”I believe it had to do with my childhood. I

was taught through my daddy that I must take the education that I had the chance to be blessed with and return to assist my neighborhood, “Muhammad informed Tap Into Camden. When we do acts of generosity that buy our young people's education it is a financial investment in our Community. You will see the return on it when they, with your help, assistance to make our neighborhood a safe and decent place to

live. pic.twitter.com/DngRsTrPxB– Wasim Muhammad (@WasimMuhammad20) April 23, 2018

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